Automatic labeling system for the application of two protective labels of obvious intervention.

  • Advantages

  • High quality, safety, productivity and easy maintenance
  • Etipack Pharma Series is designed for labeling, coding, serialization and Track & Trace of pharmaceuticals
  • Compact size for quick and easy installation in lines

  • Description

  • 3-colour light indicator for reporting device operation, alerts and warnings
  • System for peripheral diagnostics according to pharmaceutical requirements
  • 3.5'' control panel, emergency stop button, multifunction button (start/stop/reset)
  • Pneumatic with air filter, pressure regulator, quick release electric valve and pressure switch
  • Disposal of the box by blowing it off the conveyor into a lockable tray, with discard control
  • 2 mechanically adjustable devices for folding side labels over the edge onto the top of the product
  • Checking the presence of tamper evident labels before mechanical folding by means of two barriers
  • Device for product stabilization during application of tamper evident labels
  • 2 automatic labelling heads for application of tamper evident labels
  • 2 conveyors with parallel toothed belts with crossover adjustment and synchronous motorisation with feedback
  • 2 motorised clamping conveyors for product separation, with micro control and scale
  • Input conveyor for connection to lines
  • Painted steel frame and polished stainless steel panels, polycarbonate safety guards, anti-vibration adjustable legs

The Italian company ETIPACK has been designing, manufacturing and supplying labelling and coding equipment and systems since 1978.



Production speed

Outer diameter of the roll

Inner diameter of the roll


Electrical connection

Power input


Noise level

Compressed air

Clear hit etiquette

(A) Product length

(B) Product width

(C) Product height

Pharma Seal

≤ 18 000 ks/hod

≤ 280 mm

Ø  40 - 75 mm

1073 x 1436 x 1802 mm

230 V, 50/60 Hz

≤ 1000 W

IP 54

70 dB

6 bars

20 x 10 up to 30 x 30 mm

35 - 100 mm

65 - 180 mm

15 - 80 mm


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